Drs e Nizami (Saal e Saani)

Only for Females



1- Matriculation is required for Drs E Nizami.
2- The Holy Qur’an should be read completely with Tajweed.
3- Success in Examination (Review: Holy Quran, Written Test: Urdu, Mathematics, English).
4- Memorize the words, prayers, Masnoon Duas.

Note: Drs e Nizami (Saal e Awal) Needs to be completed first.

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Dars-i Nizami, an Islamic study curriculum originating in the 18th century in the Indian subcontinent, is widely utilized in madrassas and Darul Ulooms across the globe, including South Africa, Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, and the UK. The comprehensive curriculum encompasses various subjects to provide a holistic understanding of Islamic knowledge. Students commence with Arabic language studies, focusing on grammar, vocabulary, and syntax for effective comprehension of Islamic texts. Quranic Studies delve into proper Quranic recitation, Tajweed, and understanding meanings, while Hadith Sciences involve examining the sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad. Fiqh explores Islamic jurisprudence and its practical application, Usul al-Fiqh delves into theoretical foundations of Islamic law, and Aqeedah entails the study of Islamic theology. Additionally, Islamic History covers the evolution of Islam, Logic and Philosophy equip students with critical thinking tools, and Arabic Literature and Poetry delve into classical works. Sufism and Spirituality explore the spiritual dimension of Islam, and Contemporary Issues address modern challenges. The curriculum was developed by Nizamuddin Sihalivi in the 18th century and has enduring global relevance.